COVID- 19 Procedures for FILL

We look forward to serving your filling needs in a safe and low risk environment!

The store limit is 4 customers at a time. If there are 4 customers in the store already, please wait to enter.

Customers are required to wear masks prior to entering our store.

Customers are required to sanitize hands upon entering our store. we promise, we hav the best smelling hand Sani out there!

No removing your mask to smell products. Unfortunately, there is no smelling allowed. What a bummer!

All containers must be completely clean and empty. No top ups and absolutely no products in the containers, as we can't guarantee the product hasn't been contaminated. This includes even sanitizers and soaps. What a bummer!

All containers need to be placed in the sanitizing bin and sprayed with the sanitizer. Staff aren't able to touch the containers until the containers have been sanitized. Then we can help you weigh and fill containers. Customers are now allowed to sanitize their containers.

You may use your own bags. We will sanitize our counter after your bag has been on the counter.

Customers need to maintain a 6 foot distance between staff and other customers.

Feel free to use the hand Sani on your way out or after paying! We have plenty to go around.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Kind.