Always Bearded- Beard Oil Eucalyptus + Lime + Distilled Pine Scotch

Always Bearded- Beard Oil Eucalyptus + Lime + Distilled Pine Scotch

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Beard oil should be a daily staple throughout a man's beard grooming regime, whether just scruff or full length. Known as an immediate way to make the hair softer and more manageable, this beard oil also combats the itch and dry skin by moisturizing the skin underneath. The conditioning and revitalizing formula of Argan, Apricot Kernel, Grapeseed, and Jojoba oils will have your man mane feeling as soft as a cashmere sweater in no time. Used best when combined with the natural styling power of the same scented beard balm to seal in countless hours of leave-in conditioning. This natural formulation has been screened and granted the CertClean certification of approval, Canada’s only health centered certification mark for beauty products. A 30 ml bottle will last a medium beard 2 months of daily use.

Wake up your beard with a crisp blend of Eucalyptus, Lime and Pine Scotch Needle essential oils; providing a scent that is truly refreshing yet very clean.


- Softens facial hair from scruff to full length beard

- Repairs and strengthens hair fibers from the root follicle all the way out

- Fights itchy dry skin and prevents beard dandruff (aka 'beardruff')

- De-stresses hair, allowing hair to lay down better

- Formulation granted the CertClean certification

Directions for use:

Used best directly after shower due to skin pores being open from the steam. Shake a few drops into hand, or remove inner restriction cap and pour desired amount into hand for longer beards. Distribute evenly through beard and down to skin with fingers and hands, before combing through into place.


- Topical application only and not for ingestion

- Should be tested on small area of skin before use

- Contains nut oils

- Keep out of reach of children

- Avoid contact with eyes