Easy Tips for a Plastic Free July!

What is Plastic Free July?
Plastic Free July is all about reducing single use plastics by refusing to buy them in the first place!  It's a personal challenge, but it is part of a global effort.  

Plastic Free July invites you to choose to refuse plastic, inspire others and discover plastic free alternatives that just might turn into permanent habits well beyond July!

At FILL, you'll find solutions to many of those single use plastics that haunt our day to day life.  We've divided up our easy tips for reducing plastic into 4 different topics : laundry, on-the-go, cleaning, and personal care!

Tips for Laundry

  • Refill your bottles!
  • Choose plastic free packaging options like Laundry Strips or a powder
  • Use a stain remover stick instead of spray.
  • Wash in cold water.
  • Use dryer balls to reduce drying time OR hang dry.
  • Choose natural fibres to prevent microplastics entering the water ways (avoid polyester, nylon, acrylic, viscose, rayon, fleece).
  • Avoid artificially scented laundry detergent to prevent endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.

Tips for Cleaning

  • Refill your bottle to save a container!
  • Avoid chemicals + toxic ingredients including ‘fragrances’ to stay away from carcinogens and endocrine disrupters.
  • Make your own DIY cleaner using cleaning vinegar or Castile soap or baking soda.
  • Repurpose old towels into rags.
  • Use a feather duster vs a disposable one.
  • Save old toothbrushes for cleaning.
  • Swap out plastic brushes for bamboo.
  • Use a plant based loofah or compostable dish cloth instead of a plastic containing sponge.

Tips for On The Go

  • Always keep extra reusable + produce bags in the car (or in your bag).
  • Have a 'car kit' with cutlery, straw, mug, etc.
  • Take your own containers for leftovers at restaurants.
  • Keep lots of water in the car for hot days to avoid needing to buy on the go.
  • Know the coffee shops that let you use your own cup (we love Ratio Vernon & Triumph!)
  • Utilize great free resources like Green Okanagan, a local not for profit who provide an online database of local Okanagan businesses with zero waste options!

Tips for Personal Care

  • Purchase in glass or sustainable packaging
  • Avoid impulse purchases
  • Buy 'naked' products such as shampoo bars, bar soap, etc
  • Reusable & sustainable period care.
  • Use a plastic free razor like a safety razor.
  • Lip chap in compostable packaging.
  • Avoid exfoliating microbeads - these are plastic!

You'll find many of the solutions we mention at your Fill Vernon, including our exciting 'Plastic Free July Boxes', which are 20% off for the month of July!

Our team are passionate about plastic alternatives, so feel free to stop by this month and ask us for suggestions - you'll be surprised at just how many plastic free options exist!