About Teresa

Teresa is passionate about the environment, protecting animals and the earth for future generations. From young age Teresa has made commitments to the environment and to sustainability.

“I have grown tired of saying ‘Sorry environment’ when purchasing products in plastic containers. The biggest shift in my environmental conscience was when I became aware of the statistics related to recycling. I was shocked to find out that recycling stats were so dismal. I thought I was doing my part by recycling only to find out that 10% of plastics that enter the Canadian recycling bin are actually recycled. It was at this moment that I knew something had to change and I started my #stoprecyclingstartrefilling lifestyle. I could no longer purchase products in plastic containers knowing that it had a strong chance of ending up in a landfill or the ocean. The animals and children deserve better than what our society currently offers. WE MUST DO BETTER.

I started filling my containers in the Chilliwack and Vancouver area when I was visiting family and each time I walked out of the stores feeling fulfilled. I felt like I was actually making a difference by preventing more plastic from entering the environment.”

Teresa has a BSc and has had a successful career in health care for the past 20 years. “Although I have an amazing job and a gratifying career, I feel a greater pull to help save our earth from plastics by opening FILL. We need to make plastic free products convenient. It is time to support my community and Mother Earth by becoming more sustainable”.

“I was extremely fortunate to win the Enterprize Challenge 2019 where I was able to pitch my new business idea to the judges. There is so much support in this challenge from Community Futures, my mentor, the generous sponsors and the community. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the support! We have a great community and I hope we can make it a more sustainable community by reducing our plastic use.”

Teresa has a great sense of humour and promises to make your refill experience fulFILLing and fun.