Take the Stink out of Composting!

If you're new to composting - you're not alone!
The City of Vernon will begin curbside collection of residential organics (kitchen & yard waste) starting in May, making home composting a reality for many who are brand new to the practice!  

Don't worry - we're here to help make composting as easy as possible!

Why compost?
Statistically, about 60% of our waste is avoidable, and about 1/3 of the total waste we send to landfills could be composted.  Instead of sending kitchen & yard waste to the landfill locked in a plastic bag to slowly (very, very slowly...) breakdown over time releasing greenhouse gas into the air - composting allows organic materials to stay in the soil and give back to the environment.

Compostable materials such as vegetable clippings, grass, eggshells, and fruit peels will break down into nutrient rich soil and fertilizer, which is then repurposed to enrich the soil and grow plants. In this way, composted items actually contribute to reduced greenhouse gases by encouraging plant life to grow and take CO2 out of the atmosphere.

What can be composted?

There are probably products you didn't even know could be composted!  Paper towel, coffee grounds, and wax paper are often overlooked yet are accepted!

Below is the City of Vernon's specific list of what can be composted within the new residential organic collection program:

Click here to view the City's complete printable composting guide!

Tips for home composting!

  1. Freeze your oldest compost if you notice it is getting smelly before collection day, and take it out of the freezer just before taking it out to the curb.
  2. Products such as Bin Breeze, which utilizes bi-products of the lumber industry, can reduce the stink in compost kept at room temperature.  Simply sprinkle a layer between
  3. Layers of compost.  Other options for odour reduction include some Baking Soda, Green Clay, or All Natural Deodorizers like Mint Carpet Deodorizer sprinkled into the bottom of your kitchen compost pail.
  4. Empty your kitchen collection pail into your curbside bin regularly (daily is recommended) to reduce odour, especially in the warmer months.
  5. Layering kitchen organics with yard waste can help reduce the changes of sticking.  Another tip is to place newspaper or cardboard on the bottom of your curbside bin when the bin is clean & empty.
  6. Clean your compost pail(s) regularly with vinegar, baking soda and/or water.
  7. Look for the BPI Certified Compostable symbol on any bags you will be using for compost, as these are not only strong but will actually breakdown under composting conditions.
  8. Fruit Flies- Bin Breeze is a great way to reduce fruit flies naturally. As a compost additive, Bin Breeze can help get rid of the pesky fruit flies and reduce the smell of the compost. Double whammy! 

 Blog Author- Olivia Nowek