Earth Love Eucalyptus Shower Bomb

Earth Love Eucalyptus Shower Bomb

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These little gems are the BOMB!!

-Ingredients: Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Sea Salt, Menthol,
Eucalyptus Essential Oil

-Directions: Place at edge of shower ledge to get a gentle spray of water on the melt. Take the melt in your hands and rub together and breathe in. Breathe deeply! Then rub your hands on your chest or arms to get more menthol. Do not rub the melt on anywhere sensitive or it will sting!

(Alternatively: Place in a bowl of steaming water, place a
towel over your head, position yourself over the bowl and
breathe deeply)

**It is recommended that this product be kept in a
sealed container like a glass storage jar and away
from direct sunlight to ensure potency of menthol and
eucalyptus oil are maintained.