FILL- Soy Candles

FILL- Soy Candles

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Hilarious Candles that are sure to tickle the funny bone!

SHITBLOCKER- This is THE candle to use when the bathroom fan ain't quite going to cut it! 8 ounce Soy candle scented with Bamboo and Teak

MY LAST EFF- And it is about the burn. Black Raspberry Vanilla scented 8 ounce soy candle

NAMASTE BITCHES - The candle for channeling inner peace when all you want to do is scream! Satsuma scented, 8oz candle. 

ADULTING - when growing up hasn’t been all it’s cracked up to be, adulting 1 star, would not recommend.  Sugar plum scented, 8oz. Candle.

WORLDS BEST FARTER, I mean Father - give Dad this funny candle that will make him laugh and hopefully provide a cover scent ;).  Evergreen scented, 8 oz. Candle.