Mint Cleaning - All Purpose Cleaner 500 ml bottle

Mint Cleaning - All Purpose Cleaner 500 ml bottle

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This cleaner is AMAZING!!! Such a great all purpose cleaner that smells so fresh and clean. Great for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, anything grubby and works like a dream. A house cleaners delight too!

All purpose cleaner made with natural grease fighting properties, infused with lemon, cedar, mint, bergamot and tea tree essential oils.  Safe to use on all surfaces. 

Directions: Spray sparingly on surfaces and wipe dry with a wet or dry cloth or sponge. And leave your home smelling like a subtle mint dream.

500ml reusable glass bottle.

Ingredients: Distilled purified water, decyl-glucoside, coco-betaine, polysorbate 20, arvensis, melaleuca alternifolia, abies sibirica, citrus bergamia, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid.