Mint Cleaning- Box 1

Mint Cleaning- Box 1

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 We have the perfect combination of products that you will LOVE!

Mint- Scrub. The product that started it all. Great for all deep cleaning needs such as stove tops, ovens, grout, toilets, even that grimy grease on your oven hood! Also works amazing as a stain remover...and I have put it to the test with a permanent stamp on quartz counter top. And yes, it came out using the Mint Scrub.

Mint- All Purpose Cleaner. A lovely product for all your cleaning needs: tubs, sinks, toilets, kitchen and general cleaning needs.

Mint- Glass Cleaner. Wipe away the build up on your windows over the winter. Also works GREAT as a shower cleaner.

Mint- Copper Scrubbies 2 pack. These little scrubbies are amazing for cleaning stuck on goop and for cleaning the oven!

Mint- Dish Soap. This is one of my favourite products. It smells so good that it makes washing dishes like an aromatherapy session. Scented with Mint and Citrus.


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Mint Fabric Softener

Mint Microfibre Cloths

Mint Carpet Deodorizer

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